Useful Hay Day Hacks

For those of us with green gamer fingers, farming and gardening games are a godsend. Farming games really help you relax and unwind unlike anything else that is too stimulating. One such farming mobile game is Hay Day by Supercell. Supercell is known for their fun and strategic mobile games and Hay Day doesn’t fail to surprise either. Hay is available free for download but you get upgrade it to premium feature at a cost, like most mobile games. The premise of Hay Day is simple, where you have uncle who owns a farm but is not capable of running it on his own so he asks you, the player, to swoop in and help overtake the responsibility of managing the vast farm while juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

Hay Day requires you to manage farm animals and the crops side by side, while also paying attention the social aspects of the game, the trade and sale of goods you produce, bringing quality goods to the market, and also to manage the upkeep of your farm at a steady level. This can be very time consuming without Hay Day Hacks. This is why there are certain Hay Day hacks that will make playing the game a breeze, such as:

Hay Day Hack 1: Get Rid of Mature Crops

One of the crucial Hay Day hacks is to keep track of crop maturity. As soon as your crops reach full maturity, the will stop providing any real benefits from the land they are planted on. This is why you have to keep an eye on them so there are no patches with fully mature crops that aren’t worth keeping. Tap the field where mature crops are and take your sickle and sweep clean the crops. Plant new crops in that field to start a new crop cycle and gain new bonuses.

Hay Day Hack 2: Figuring the Art of Tomatoes

The second Hay Day hack is to figure out the growth time for different crops and plan accordingly. Tomatoes are one of the crops on the farm that take a bit longer to fully mature. It takes a full day for them to mature but they are very important and highly valuable. They may take longer to grow but bring in a lot of profit and require less work so be sure to use this hack to invest in some tomatoes.

Hay Day Hack 3: Keep Up Inventory of Seed Crops

All the crops that are planted on the farm will double their yield during harvest time so a unit of corn is going to give out a yield of two corns in the silo upon harvesting. It can get very tempting to plant all the crops in your silo at once but this sets you back in terms of yield so you have to keep a few crops in your inventory and plant them later otherwise you’ll run out too soon and have to resort to using diamonds to buy seeds for new crops.