SimCity Buildit

SimCity BuildIt is a game series based on both iOS and Android platforms. It was released by Electronic Arts in the year of 2014 and has been ranked as the most played game in the SimCity series. It is a city building simulation game for mobile platforms. It is a single-player game with options of multiplayer gameplay. Users are able to gain currency and use it to upgrade their city and so on.


The features of the game include different types of currencies, which may be Simoleons, SimCash, Golden Keys, Platinum Keys, and Neo Simoleons. Simoleons are basically gold coins which are obtained by upgrades, trading or selling resources. SimCash is known as green money, which is obtained by completing achievements or spending real cash. Golden Keys are obtained by completing disaster challenges, whereas Platinum keys are obtained through the Mayor’s contest.

At the beginning of the game, a user has some amount of Simoleons and SimCash which they use to build their city. Upgrades and demolishing options are also present to change the infrastructure of the city. Furthermore, different types of roads can be built by the user within the city.


There are three types of zones in the SimCity game. One is the residential zone, which itself has various zones that are determined by different land values, services, and types of buildings. At the beginning of the game, the residential area is unlocked and available to the user. Other than the residential zone, there are industrial and commercial zones with their own features.


Different types of services are available in the different zones, mainly the residential zone. These include power, water, waste management, yoursimcityhack and sewage services. In addition to that, there are departments such as the fire, police, and health departments.

The game begins with certain default buildings which are present and cannot be altered whatsoever. These are buildings such as the airport, Mayor’s Club House and Contest Tower. These are present to have your city built around them.

The game also introduces different types of disasters such as an earthquake, lighting, tornado, meteor strike, or even an alien invasion. This results in disturbances to the city where the user has to pop in and work toward recovering it.

Depending on the creativity of the users, various features can be used in different unique ways. As you build your city, you continue to climb levels and move toward betterment by unlocking levels as you go on. This allows for a range of options and features being available in addition to high amounts of currency being added to your account. With money, you can bring about constant change and continue to build your city. SimCity BuildIt is definitely one of a kind in its field, which shows why it tends to be one of the most played games.