Product Review – Palm Treo 700p Smartphone

What you have here is a new believer in the Palm Treo 700p Smartphone. With a well-designed keyboard, user friendly screen and multiple capabilities as a phone, digital camera, music/video player and internet browser, the Palm Treo 700p has become my constant companion and office-on-the-road.
I had long been reluctant to give up my light and handy flip phone for a smartphone. I considered smartphones too bulky and probably too hard for me to use because of my long nails and the devices’ tiny keyboards. I did not like the idea of having to use a stylus, then worry about losing it. I didn’t want to have to learn to navigate a new device. I guess, when you get right down to it, I really just didn’t want to change.

But moving to a new office where my employer required me to have a Palm finally forced me to take the leap. I have had my Palm Treo 700p for just over two months now, and I absolutely love it!

The Palm Treo 700p, although heavier than my old flip-phone, is actually very small and manageable for all its capabilities. It is well designed and comfortable to hold, with good sound quality. I sometimes use the speaker phone, which frees up my hands. It also has the capacity to mute my end so I have been able to participate in conference calls without annoying the other participants with my road noise. Better still, I recently got a wireless headset, so I no longer need to hold the Treo when using the phone at all, if I choose.

With the release of the 700p model, new ring tones were also added as well as the ability to assign separate ring tones not only to individuals in your contact list, but groups of people as well. This has allowed me to set one ring tone for everyone from my office, another for everyone from an organization I belong to, then separate ring tones for family and friends. This has been very helpful as I can immediately distinguish most callers before ever picking up the phone – sort of like “pre-screening” the screening of my calls!

The camera on the Palm Treo 700p is also excellent. It can be used either as a still photo digital camera or for short videos. And with this latest model, the Treo 700p let’s you send these photos or videos “on the fly” without having to first save them in your pictures.

But to me the most valuable (and addictive!) feature of the Palm Treo 700p is being able to use my smartphone like a computer, where-ever and when-ever I want to. The Palm Treo 700p has a suite of Microsoft products already in it, allowing you to use a limited version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, right on your phone. It also uses Bluetooth technology to give you access through your cellular carrier (in my case, Verizon) to the internet. I can search the web, check my personal email, even listen to songs or watch streaming video right on the screen in my hand.

And with the aid of Good Technology (now owned by Motorola), I have complete access to my company networked Outlook. This has been the most important capability for me of all because, as a Realtor, staying in contact with my clients and on top of their transactions is very important. Now, every time someone emails me at the office, that email comes up on my Palm Treo 700p. I can immediately email or phone the client back or deal with a situation when time is of the essence. I also have access to my calendar and my contacts, right there on the road. Any changes made on my Treo immediately translate to my office computer, and vice versa.

There are additional software packages you can get for your Palm Treo 700p as well. In my case, I have added a program called “Pocket Real Estate” which allows me to access the Multiple Listing Service right on my Palm. With this technology, I can get information on homes my clients would like to see wherever I am. And if I need to use my lap top away from home or the office … My Palm Treo 700p allows me to plug my laptop into it to give me wireless access!

Finally, contrary to my fears, the keyboard on the Palm Treo 700p, is not too small for me to use with my long fingernails – Something important to a lot of women! It took a little getting used to, but I find I use the keyboard quickly and accurately now, having gotten used to the size and feel of the keys. And I seldom pull out the stylus – A touch of a finger or a fingernail is enough to click on icons or use the scroll bar. The Palm Treo 700p is well-designed, versatile and easy to use, even for the technology and change resistant … like me!