Hay Day is the simplest form of entertaining oneself through farming

Long back man has left living a simple life. The current generation is going through all sort trouble and revenge. But still, they are forced to play such games which does not permit them to get away from tension. In this situation when somebody wants a relief from such tension Hey Day is one of the best solutions. This game takes you to the world of green farmyard where different domestic animals graze in the pasture land. Fishes swim across the water bodies under the clear blue sky. Hay Day is a wonderful sport where a youngster learns the different ways of farming, animal husbandry, and fishing. Along with this the games also teaches the various ways to sell the crops and proper storage.

Different visitors make frequent visits to your farm

It is quite natural that a farm filled with the ripening crops would be visited by various visitors all along the day. Some come with the intension of buying your produce. Sometime the visitors would not love to sacrifice their money to procure the crops. But to retain the customers it is not a intelligent move to give away your crops without taking the price. So never give your produce without taking the premium. The visitors would be forced to visit your field when they come to know that your farm is filled with ripen crops. So never be afraid of saying a big no to those visitors who do not pay the price. Allowing visitors on such crops which takes longer in farming is not at all recommended. On such crops which takes the lesser time or which are produced within few minutes can be sacrificed in some cases.

The roadside stand can be used to fill with coffers

As in our normal life, we do not always sell our products for a price. Sometimes the farmer feels happy to offer the products of his field to the neighbors. This game has been developed by Supercell keeping in mind this normal attitude of a normal farmer. By following the news one can decide the price of the crops and then proceed to sell the crops. Sometimes increasing the price and then offering a discount makes a positive effect on your sale proceeds. So Hay Day offers the gamers the scope of enjoying the actual reallife farming. Advancing in the game might be hard and tiring, but with the use of tools such as https://thatgamehack.com/can-use-hay-day-hack-advance-game/, it becomes a much easier process.

Often saying no to your orders is intelligent

The produce of your farm should go to the various customers. The schools, salons, churches, stores and all such organizations and group require the production of the farm. So after the harvest, there can be a huge number of pending orders requesting crops. Sometime you may not have enough produce in your stock to meet the total ordered quantity. So in such cases, you must not indulge in the production of the crops even if the customers are ready to pay a fair price. Basically, your planning should not always be influenced by the orders.

Always judge your situation keeping all the aspect of your farming. Otherwise, your farming might face some unavoidable difficulties.