Reflector Guide

What is a pedestrians reflector?

A reflector decreases, ten times, pedestrians accident risks in the dark. A reflector is an outfit fixable object that powerfully reflects light. Because of the reflection a pedestrian is noticed in the dark ON TIME. Car drivers have time to react and avoid possible collisions. You can look at pictures of reflectors and reflector users on our Facebook-page.

There is a saying that a reflector is the worlds cheapest life insurance. It costs a couple of euros and it can save the rest of your lives ability to work. Car drivers can hardly see a pedestrian in the dark or dusk. A flashing reflector ties the drivers attention and sees the pedestrian in time. The driver notices a reflector using pedestrian over three times as far as without a reflector.

Spread the knowledge

Some countries are well aware of the safety that reflectors bring, but there are a lot of countries that don't know about them. At dark it is good to remind yourself and others about reflectors. Tell your friends about this page and our Facebook-page to help save human lives!

Where are reflectors needed?

Most accidents in cities, often happen when crossing roads. Commonly going to school or work, or returning from there. Collisions may happen especially when it is twilight, foggy or raining. Streetlights are not effective enough to show a pedestrian, but reflectors improve pedestrians visibility even beneath streetlights. A powerful reflector seen from far away is needed on the street sides, because of the high speeds and long braking distances.

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